About Luke

When I began stumbling into the world of “green” 6 years ago; I knew little about sustainable living. Sure, I understood that recycling was good and oil was bad; but outside of this, my scope was small. While working in the Energy Efficiency industry I have learned A LOT! I have attended over 50 conferences, traveled to over 30 states, and worked with some of the industries leading practitioners. My work has put me on the front lines of sustainable building and pushed me to better understand how we use and create energy.

During this same period I set off on the parallel journey of home ownership. Being the historical loving man that I am; I decided to purchase a old house that was constructed in 1925. This particular home was last updated in the 1960’s and came with all the fun “quirks” one could expect. I have slowly been updating the home and trying to focus on integrating the many “green” techniques that I have learned. In 2017 I decided that one house with 100 projects would not be enough….and I acquired three older rental properties in my ‘up an coming’ neighborhood. My goal is to slowly and fondly promote an environmentally friendly approach to all my homes.

I am not an engineer. I am not an architect. I have very limited experience with construction and building. However, I am armed with the passion of progression and the many tidbits of information I have picked up while working in the sustainable industry. This website will serve as a place to share my thoughts and experiences. Hopefully, you can use my past failures and successes to better your own life.